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VFQuest is an interactive reader-driven webcomic where you choose the characters and you direct the action.

This Quest's Objective is to: investigate the disturbance at Starry Lake.

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Paypal Donations will support the Artist of VFQuest and Victory Fire as well as helping the Hero to complete the Quest. You do not have to donate anything to join in with VFQuest, but if you have enjoyed our comics so far, please consider Donating something as it will ensure the comics can keep coming regularly. All Donators will get their names and a linkback on the end-credits scoreboard for the Quest, along with some other special perks...

Donation Goal for this Quest is just $50 USD of which $50 USD has currently been raised (100%).

Neutral End Unlocked!

Stretch Goal 1: Hero Team Smartphone Wallpaper: $100
$55/$100 - 55%

The success or failure of the Donation Drive will directly affect the outcome of the Quest:


Runs on: Monday/Wednesday/Saturday

DA Account: sulfurbunny
Smackjeeves: vfquest.smackjeeves.com

A Challenger Appears...

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In VFQuest, you can be the Hero--or the Villain if you're so inclined!

If you'd like your character to star in an episode of VFQuest, you will be able to purchase slots before a new Quest begins. These count towards the Donation goal as follows:

If you are interested in purchasing a slot, please contact Maggs by PM on SmackJeeves or Note on DeviantART.

For the current Quest, all available slots have been filled.

Please be aware that you do not get to control your Character directly in VFQuest. Your Character's actions in the comic will depend on the choices of the readers, and may not always be in line with your personal idea of the Character!

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