Between us we have managed to raise the full amount and completely cover the cremation fee, in just four days.

You can still donate if you like, and get a spot in the pic, but any further donations sent are going to go towards rent and living costs for the family.

Thank you to everyone, donators and supporters alike. If you shared the story, or posted a supportive comment, thank you. It all counts. Night is feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, and likely has all kinds of Feelings to sort out, but I can assure you that the family hold heartfelt gratitude for everything you've done.


Pokemon fans are the best people. You guys proved that today.


Tip Jar: This donate button goes directly to the family. If you'd like to help, you can do it here.

The original story:

PMD:VF is, as you can tell from the name, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan comic. It's been running for something over two years now, updating Tuesdays and Fridays. The feedback it gets is generally pretty good--we've had a positive mention on Reddit, among other things.

This Friday, 9/8/2014, I didn't put up the expected page. Instead, I posted this image:

HQ for the donation drive is at our DeviantART page, sulfurbunny.deviantart.com. You can get updates there, contact me (Maggs) if you need to, and see the progress on the Great Big Group Pic. Tell me you've donated and I'll put you in!


A personal word from Maggs

Night and I have known each other for over half our lives now. We've been playing Pokemon together since third gen (pair of irredeemable nerds we are) and we have collaborated on many creative projects, of which PMD:VF is only the most recent. I used some savings to buy her a small laptop last year when her computer broke down, so that she wouldn't be stranded without any means of communication. I know that she and her family have been living hand to mouth for a long time, and getting a replacement computer was well beyond their means even then.

If I could cover the full amount for her, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I'm disabled and don't have much myself, especially since I've just had to replace my OWN laptop as well. And although she's in the US, I live in England, thousands of miles away. The laptop and a small donation now is all I am able to do.

That's why I'm turning to you guys: the Internet. If you can't do this for them, nobody can.

Everything helps. Every 5 bucks they get is another 5 bucks they don't have to find. We are looking for local assistance as well, and if anyone knows of any funds or charities in Oregon that can help with expenses relating to a deceased family member please let us know.

If you've enjoyed Victory Fire so far, please share this with your friends and spread the word.

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