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A brief history.


Late '99, The Dream Realm or "TDR" was an idea, on April 15th '00 that idea became a reality.

'06 TDR was shut down due to complications. In '07 it was revived.

TDR is back-- with a vengeance!



Q: What happened to your site?

A: Nevermind what happened, my dears, TDR is back in action. And we know that's all that matters.

Q: Your stuff is broken. I order you to fix it!

A: 99.9% of the old data was lost, TDR is being built again from scratch.

Q: Your graphics are so shiny! What do you use?

A: Most of the graphics you see on TDR were made in GIMP. I highly recommend it, and it's 100% freeware. Personally I use the GIMPShop version/hack for Windows, but it's just a personal preference.

Q: Drawing/painting programs?

A: OC (openCanvas1.1 - b68 to be exact) and GIMP. My beloved wacom tablet is indispensable.

Q: When are you drawing/writing more?

A: As much as I can, when I can... when I feel like it...

Q: When's TDR's anniversary?

A: April 15th is the official date.